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From Off-Off Broadway to 3D

For audiences, the frantic exchanges between cockpit personnel start off tense and quickly turn horrifying. Some are seeing the experimental work for the first time as a movie. Others are returning after first catching Charlie Victor Romeo some 15 years ago as an acclaimed stage production at Collective: Unconscious, a venue originally located in a storefront at 145 Ludlow.

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The Joys and Pitfalls of a Museum Turned Playground

CINCINNATI — The play begins with color sketch markers stuffed into an acrylic wall rack adjacent to artist Joshua Davis’s room-sized mural. There are no instructions other than a brief warning about the markers’ potential for staining clothes, but every visitor to the ON! Handcrafted Digital Playgrounds exhibition at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center knows what to do. They grab a favorite color and hit the wall, looking for a crevice of remaining white space to make their painterly contribution to Davis’s artwork, part of a two-piece installation titled “The Lightning Storm.”

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Pussy Riot: The Documentary

CINCINNATI — The trending wardrobe of choice for aspiring female protest artists consists of Day-Glo leotards and matching ski masks. Credit the young punk rock performers known as Pussy Riot, feminist activists who led late 2011 civilian protests in Moscow following Vladimir Putin’s controversial reelection as Russia’s president.

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Henry James on Film: A Narrative Execution

CINCINNATI — In the narrow hallway outside the Park City Library Center, a school auditorium–turned–Sundance Film Festival screening venue, self-taught filmmaker duo David Siegel and Scott McGehee pace the floor while an audience watches an early screening of their sophomore movie The Deep End, a mother-son thriller starring Tilda Swinton. It’s nearly impossible to walk through the crowd, but Siegel and McGehee manage to do so while straining to hear noises from inside the auditorium. I head in after a quick break, glancing back at Siegel and McGehee in the process. They remain too nervous to sit.

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Tribeca Makes Way for Transmedia

The partygoers entered the large, black fabric cave in single file, balancing their drinks in hand and squatting low in order to sit at the computer inside. They typed away, sharing stories about sleepless nights for “A Journal of Insomnia,” a cloud-based, digital art project produced by Hugues Sweeney, head of French-language interactive media at the National Film Board of Canada.

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From Colorado to Brooklyn to a Place Beyond the Pines

They come in waves — family from Colorado, friends from Brooklyn, loyal producers, all passing through the door of a Toronto hotel room to share congratulations with filmmaker Derek Cianfrance on the debut of his third feature film, the highly-anticipated and acclaimed working-class drama The Place Beyond the Pines. The film stars Ryan Gosling as a circus stunt motorcycle rider who takes to bank robberies in order to provide for his infant son and Bradley Cooper as the Schenectady, NY, cop who aims to stop his string of robberies.

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The Story of the Ad Man Who Toppled a Military Dictator

PARK CITY, Utah — Close your eyes and picture America’s most famous ad man, the fictional Don Draper of the cable TV hit Mad Men. Now push aside your favorite scenes of Don’s bedroom antics, bourbon-fueled lunches, and persuasive client pitches and think: over five seasons of storytelling, what has the dashing ladies’ man done that’s truly made an impact on the world outside his agency office suite?