Kim Karlsrud, “Amounting a salt” (2019)

The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan is proud to announce the 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition sometimes something, featuring work by Sally Clegg, Kim Karlsrud, Erin McKenna, and Abhishek Narula. This exhibition is a culminating moment in the 2-year Stamps MFA program. The opening night reception will be held on Friday, March 13 from 6–8 pm.

Individual exhibitions include:

  • Sally Clegg – Auto-Affection
    Through sculpture, painting, and video, Clegg teases out the theoretical and material relationships embedded in pursuits of self-experience and pleasure.
  • Kim Karlsrud – HERE
    Using vernacular landscape materials, Karlsrud explores the dynamics of urban ecosystems through site-based interventions and multi-media installations.
  • Erin McKenna – finding the shape of the overlap
    Using bolts, beads, plywood, fringe, house paint, sequins, chain, and nail polish, McKenna makes unwieldy sculptures that bring languages of embellishment and function into unexpected dialogues.
  • Abhishek Narula – You are (not) here
    Materializing and visualizing the ethereal landscapes of our smartphones, Narula disrupts the grip the smartphone has on us, creating a critical distance that enables us to reflect on what we cannot see.

Learn more about the MFA Program at Stamps and about the 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition

sometimes something is on view at Stamps Gallery (201 S Division Street, Ann Arbor, MI) from March 13–May 2, 2020.